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Pick of India - Tents


We offer here a fine collection of Indian Hand Made Tents for different purposes and in varying styles. Please note that these tents can all be custom made as per your individual requirements. We do not stock these tents ready-made, but only make them to order as per clients specific requirements.


Our Regular Tents are Double-Ply and are waterproof. Tents are supplied with all accessories for pitching the tent (i.e. Bamboo, Rope, Iron Pegs, Stopper, Mosquito Nets (where applicable), Curtains, Bamboo Netting/Chicks. (where applicable)).


For Details on any specific tent, please contact sales @ pickofindia.com .

Pick of India - Tents


Pick of India - Bhurj Tent (Click to enlarge)

Bhurj Tent


Pick of India - Pavilion Tent (Click to enlarge)

Pavilion Tent


Pick of India - Quadruple Pergola Tent (Click to enlarge)

Quadruple Pergola


Pick of India - Farm House Tent (Click to enlarge)

Farm House


Pick of India - Regal Tent (Maharaja Dal Badal 30 X 60) (Click to enlarge)

Regal Tent


Pick of India - Maharaja Dining Tent (Click to enlarge)

Maharaja Dining


Pick of India - Royal Shikar Tent (Click to enlarge)

Royal Shikar Tent


Pick of India - Royal Raj Tent (Click to enlarge)

Royal Raj Tent


Pick of India - A1 Heaven Tent (Click to enlarge)

Royal Deluxe Tent


  Click the pictures above for enlarged view.       Click the link for details on particular Tent.


All offers are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for current offers.




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